Consider A Career in Entertainment Marketing: A Career You Will Never Be Bored In!

Take a moment and think about the last time you went to your favorite artist(s) concert. What was that time like? How did you feel when you saw those glaring lights beaming in every direction and BOOM, there they were live in person on the stage? Exciting right!? Entertainment is a vital instrument in our lives. It would not exist if we didn’t get bored. Not only do we crave it, but it also brings people together. It is a way for us to get away from the hardships, and stress from our demanding lives while bringing happiness, pleasure, and excitement! There are many forms of entertainment: cinema, television, sports, music, radio, and theatre. These are just to name a few because the list goes on! The feelings and experience that an individual takes away is usually a positive one.

Now, let’s tie in the marketing part of it and you have entertainment marketing. Entertainment marketing is “a branch of marketing that uses facets of the entertainment world to promote or sell a brand or product. It works to build mutually beneficial relationships between pop culture and brands.” Entertainment marketing is everywhere, and the most common types you probably notice include product placement, branding, publicity, celebrity endorsements, and event sponsorship and management.

As an entertainment marketer, the fastest way to build a relationship with a potential customer is by entertaining them. If you provide a memorable experience for them, an instant connection will be formed. Entertaining content has a massive effect, just talking about the benefits and features of a product is just not enough. You want to leave an impression, a good one though. One that will last for a lifetime, so when an individual thinks of your brand it will bring that sparkle to their eye. That sparkle will influence a customer’s decision and evoke positive emotions in many ways.

As a fourth year Marketing major and Communications minor, I became interested in entertainment marketing, particularly the music, theatre and film side of it. I have always had a passion for it and knew I wanted to do something with it, but I realized that I wanted to know more about how it worked behind the scenes. What about it draws people in? How can I do that? This is what I ask myself often and not only will I see others enjoying themselves, but I will too. People desire amusement. They want to attend the biggest rivalry football games or go to the summer’s hottest concert. Lifelong experiences and emotional connections are formed to the things that people enjoy and entertainment marketing’s powerful tools is what creates this.





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